Antenna Extension Cable for Iridium

Antenna Extension Cable for Iridium
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The antenna extension cable is used to connect Iridium satellite phones and docking stations with an external antenna.

The cable has TNC-male connectors on both ends, matching the Iridium phone antenna adapters and many Iridium fixed antennas.


  • Cable Type: 240 or 400 series
  • Connector Type: TNC-male on both ends
  • Length Options:
    - 240-series, 12 m (40 ft): $99
    - 400-series, 15 m (50 ft): $138
    - 400-series, 20 m (66 ft): $168 (contact for availability)
    - 400-series, 30 m (98 ft): $188

Note: This cable is not compatible with AD-511 or AT1621-20-R Iridium Active antennae or Iridium mobile antennae.