We have compiled a list of links to various downloads (software updates, firmwares, user guides and manuals) for satellite phones and terminals offered by Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya.

If you decide to upgrade your phone's software, please carefully review any instructions and upgrade at your own risk. SATTRANS shall not be responsible for any damage to your equipment as a result of any upgrades or attempts to upgrade.


Iridium GO! Guides, Manuals & Resources (

Iridium 9555 USB & Modem Drivers and Installation Guide

Iridium Direct Internet 3 software (required update as of 10/31/2016)

Iridium Extreme (9575) Firmware: HL21001 (More info & Download)

Iridium 9555 Firmware: HT21001 (More info & Download)

Iridium GO! Firmware: 2.1.22 (More info & Update)

Iridium Extreme PTT Firmware: HP21001 (More info & Download)


IsatPhone 2 Firmware: 2.00.03 at Downloads & Guides (

IsatPhone Pro Firmware: 5.17.2 at Downloads & Guides (

iSavi Firmware: R02.0.0 Firmware for BGAN terminals (

BGAN LaunchPad (

Firmware for BGAN terminals (

BGAN Software Drivers (


Thuraya XT-DUAL PRO Firmware (ver 1.1) and Instructions (

Thuraya XT Firmware (ver 5.0) and Instructions (

Thuraya XT-DUAL Software (ver 4.0) and Instructions (

Thuraya SO-2510 Software (ver. 6.8) and Instructions (

Thuraya SG-2520 Software (ver 5.7) and Instructions (

ThurayaIP+ Software and Instructions (ver. (

ThurayaIP Software and Instructions (ver. (