Inmarsat BGAN: Global voice and broadband data

Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network service – BGAN – is the world’s first mobile communications service to provide both voice and broadband data simultaneously through a single, highly compact device on a global basis.

BGAN Services

  • Standard IP. For email, internet and intranet access via a secure VPN connection, at speeds up to 492kbps over a shared channel.
  • Phone. Make phone calls at the same time as accessing your data applications. Voicemail and other standard mobile supplementary services are also available.
  • Streaming IP and X-Stream. Guaranteed data rates on demand up to 384kbps (X-Stream - 450kbps). Choose the data rate on a case by case basis, depending on your application. Also supports ISDN at 64kbps.
  • HDR Streaming. BGAN HDR (High Data Rate) supports a portfolio of four new streaming rates for live TV broadcasting on the go.
  • Text messaging. Send and receive text messages via your laptop — up to 160 characters — to or from any mobile phone.


Near-global coverage. Inmarsat BGAN delivers seamless network coverage across most of the world's landmass. BGAN is currently accessible in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America.

Simultaneous voice and broadband data. With a single BGAN device, users can access data applications at broadband speeds and make phone calls at the same time.

Flexible. There are BGAN terminals for single users and small teams, which can be connected to a laptop PC via a wired or wireless connection.

Easy to use. No specialist technical expertise is required to set up or use the service. The same device can be used worldwide and the user interface is standard across all terminals.