Iridium GO! 6000 SMS, 1 year Prepaid Airtime Voucher

Iridium GO! 6000 SMS
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Iridium GO! 6000 SMS, 1 year Prepaid Airtime Voucher

The Iridium GO! 6000 SMS, 1-year voucher can be used to renew your Iridium GO! Text prepaid account.


  • Airtime credit equivalent to 6000 text messages
    (or 240 minutes of voice calls)
  • Validity period: 1 year

Cost of included airtime:

Text Messages (SMS) 
  Outbound message0.12
  Incoming messageFREE
Outbound Voice CallsUSD/min.
  To landlines or cell phones3.00
  To Iridium phones & voicemail1.44
  To other satellite systems24.00
Incoming Calls 
  Direct dial callsFREE
  Two-stage dialing calls3.00
Iridium data calls6.00

  • Iridium GO! Text vouchers are NOT compatible with the GO! 400-min or 1000-min data plans, so this voucher shouldn't be purchased to reload the other GO! plans.
  • Before applying any GO! Text voucher on your existing Iridium prepaid account, your current plan will be deactivated and all unused minutes and validity time will be forfeited. By purchasing and applying this voucher you confirm that you have read and accepted this condition.
  • Upon expiration or depletion of the GO! Text voucher, your account can be renewed with another GO! Text voucher (3000 or 6000 SMS) or can be converted to another Iridium prepaid plan.
  • All unused minutes will be lost after expiration or upon conversion to the other account type.
  • Voice call billing increment: 20 seconds
  • You can use this prepaid voucher only if you have an Iridium prepaid account (SIM) supplied and activated by SATTRANS. We cannot reload minutes on other providers' SIM-cards. If you don't have an account with Sattrans, you can always purchase and activate a new Iridium Prepaid Plan.
  • By purchasing and using Iridium prepaid SIM-cards, airtime vouchers and services, you agree to SATTRANS Iridium Prepaid Account Rules.