Iridium GO! Text & Call Prepaid Plan

Iridium GO! Text Plan
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Iridium GO! Text & Call Prepaid Plan - SIM-card

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The Iridium GO! Text & Call Prepaid Plan provides a heavily discounted rate for sending text messages (SMS) via the Iridium GO! satellite terminal throughout the Iridium's global satellite coverage.


  • Iridium SIM-card and activation
  • 3000 outbound text messages (SMS)
  • Account validity: 6 months
  • Other services are enabled (voice calls, data, voicemail)

Cost of included airtime:

Text Messages (SMS) 
  Outbound message, $/ea0.12
  Incoming messageFREE
Outbound Voice CallsUSD/min.
  To landlines or cell phones3.00
  To Iridium phones & voicemail1.44
  To other satellite systems24.00
Incoming Calls 
  Direct dial callsFREE
  Two-stage dialing calls3.00
Iridium Data Calls6.00


  • The GO! Text & Call prepaid plan can ONLY be used with Iridium GO! satellite terminals.
  • This plan is not rechargeable. Any unused prepaid airtime will be lost after expiration or upon conversion to the other account type.
  • After expiration of the GO! Text plan, the same account can be renewed with a new Iridium prepaid voucher.
  • Do not purchase this plan plan if you want to renew your existing Iridium account with SATTRANS. Get an Iridium airtime voucher instead.
  • Calls to rare destinations such as other satellite systems, premium numbers, etc. are more expensive and will result in faster depletion of included minutes.
  • Billing increment: 20 seconds
  • By purchasing and using Iridium prepaid SIM-cards, airtime vouchers and services, you agree to SATTRANS Iridium Prepaid Account Rules.

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