Iridium 9505a Docking Station Support

Iridium 9505A Docking Station from SATTRANS enables using Iridium satellite phones in all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, boats, yachts and ships. This Iridium docking station greatly improves availability of the Iridium satellite service on the go.

This section will help you with your docking station should you have any questions or require assistance. If you still have questions even after reading this, please contact us with your service request.

USER GUIDE (P/N 1-35-0014) (rev. Dec 2008)

USER GUIDE (P/N 1-35-0007) (rev. Apr 2007)

Which Iridium phones are compatible with the 9505A docking station?

The Iridium 9505a Docking Station is compatible with the Iridium 9505a satellite phone ONLY! The product is not compatible with Iridium 9555, 9505 or 9500 phones, or any other Iridium phones. The older Iridium 9505 phone may seem to fit into the cradle and register in the network, however, the satellite signal may be unstable and no other functionality will be available.

Was your phone inserted correctly?

Incorrect position of the satellite phone in the cradle can cause deterioration of the satellite signal and disruption in charging and other functions of the docking station.

  • When you try to insert the satellite phone into the cradle, make sure the antenna release button on the top of the Iridium phone is fully depressed.
  • If the phone has been inserted correctly: 1) the antenna connector should not be visible, 2) there should be no space between the moving parts of the cradle (see pictures).

How do I accept or make calls?

The Iridium phone installed in the docking station should be operated as usual by using the keypad. To make a call, dial the number using the phone keypad and press the green 'OK' key. To accept a call, press the green 'OK' key on the phone. The two buttons on the front of the cradle are not used for initiating or completing calls! Their purpose is to switch between the hands-free and private modes (see below).

How do I switch between hands-free and private modes?

The two buttons on the bottom of the cradle should be used for switching between hands-free and private modes of operation. The default mode of operation is hands-free. After accepting or initiating a call by pressing the green 'OK' on the Iridium phone keypad, you can switch from the hands-free to the private mode by pressing the 'handset' button. In order to return to the hands-free mode, press the 'speaker' button.

How do I use a privacy handset or earset?

For newer units (p/n 1-35-0014, Dec 2008): In the private talk mode, you can use any privacy handset or earset with 2.5 mm (3/32") TRS audio plug. The handset or earset should be inserted in the audio jack of the docking station (combined with the mute button).

For older units (p/n 1-35-0007, before Dec 2008): In the private talk mode, you can use any privacy handset or earset compatible with the audio jack of the Iridium 9505a satellite phone. The handset or earset should be inserted in the audio jack of the Iridium phone. There is no audio jack in the cradle or the black box of the docking station.

Installation Tips for boats, yachts, ships

This docking station has been widely and successfully used in marine environments. Since the product was designed for car installation, please follow the tips below for installation on boats and yachts.

1. Power supply requirements: 10—16V DC, max 2A.
2. Connect the ground wire (BLACK) to the negative (-) power clamp.
3. Combine the RED wire with the ignition wire (BLUE) and connect them to the positive (+) clamp.
4. Leave the radio mute wire (YELLOW) unconnected.

Which antennas can be used with this product?

The cradle is equipped with a standard TNC-female antenna connector, so the product can be used with any compatible Iridium antenna.

Antenna Options:

Use for Iridium Data Services

Only applicable to units sold before December 2008 (P/N 1-35-0007)

It is not possible to switch between hands-free and private talk modes when the data port (RS-232) is connected to a computer. Whenever possible, the data port should be connected to a computer during data sessions only. You should unplug the data port to be able to switch between hands-free and private conversation modes. If the phone freezes due to this problem, remove it from the cradle and insert back again.

If your computer and data installation is fixed, please consider using a serial DB-9 switch to manually shut off the data connection to the docking station during voice operation.

Battery Charging Issues

  • IMPORTANT! When the Iridium phone is in the docking cradle and its battery is being charged, the battery status icon on the phone's display doesn't show charging in progress.
  • It takes longer than usual to sufficiently charge the phone's battery in the docking cradle (when the phone is powered on: 4-5 hours to 100%, phone turned off: 7-8 hours to 79%).