Iridium Rates & Plans

We offer Iridium prepaid and postpaid plans for customers with various usage needs and budget requirements.


Prepaid plans are usually most popular among individual users because of their simplicity combined with great call rates, starting from $0.42 per minute!

  • Control your usage.
  • Lower rates for heavy users.
  • Various regional plans: Global, Canada & Alaska and Africa.
  • No credit checks, no contracts to sign.
  • No security deposits.


Postpaid plans are great for customers who require always-on service without the risk of being disconnected due to low balance or expiration. These are ideal for emergency preparedness, as well as for companies, organizations and government agencies. Monthly fees start from $44 per month.

  • Use now, pay later
  • No account expiration dates.
  • No account blocking due to low balance.
  • Monthly call detail records.
  • Optional services available.