9505A USB Connection Kit for Optimizer

9505A USB Connection Kit
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Iridium 9505A USB Connection Kit

The 9505A USB Connection Kit provides the hardware required for using Iridium 9505A handsets with the Redport Optimizer or the AxcessPoint.


  • Data Adapter: attaches to the Iridium 9505a phone and provides a connection for the data cable. Allows simultaneous connection of the AC Travel Charger, Auto Accessory Adapter or Solar Charger.
  • Stand: Supports the Iridium phone and allows the antenna to be oriented in a vertical position.
  • USB-to-Serial Cable: connects the Data Adapter to the USB port of the Redport Optimizer or AxcessPoint.
  • Compatibility: Iridium 9505A only!
  • Iridium P/N: AWSKT1301

In the box:

  • USB-to-Serial Cable (p/n UTSA1201)
  • RS232 Adapter (p/n RDA0401)
  • 9505A Phone Stand (p/n SYN8370A)

*Iridium handset not included