Iridium Prepaid SIM Reactivation Fee

SIM Reactivation Fee
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Availability: Usually ships the next business day

SIM Reactivation Fee allows to re-activate your Iridium prepaid SIM-card.

If your Iridium prepaid account expired more than 270 days ago, a SIM Reactivation Fee must be paid in order to load a new voucher on your account (on the same SIM-card).

Your existing Iridium phone number is not guaranteed to be preserved. If your old phone number is not available, we will assign a new phone number to your Iridium SIM.

If you prefer not to pay the reactivation fee, you can always purchase a new Iridium prepaid plan. We will mail you a new SIM-card and a new phone number will be assigned to it upon activation.

Note: Include the full number of your SIM-card and the old phone number (MSISDN) in the notes to the order or email them to us at after placing the order.