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Iridium Voice Plans
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Iridium Unlimited ISU-ISU Add-on

With Iridium postpaid plans, the subscriber will have the convenience of the satellite service with no concerns about account expiration or low balances.

We offer bundled plans designed for various amounts of monthly use. Optional service add-ons are available for special situations and even more savings!

  Voice Plan Bundles
Monthly Fee (core services): $58 $82 $110
Included Monthly Allowance, minutes  10 75 150 
Activation Fee, per SIM $35
Monthly Fees (optional services):
Unlimited Iridium-to-Iridium add-on, per SIM $30
Access +1 service, per SIM $10
Out-Bundle Voice & Data Rates US$ / min.
• Fixed or cellular phones worldwide (ISU-PSTN) 1.49
• Iridium phones (ISU-ISU) [UNLIMITED add-on available] 0.99
• Iridium Data 1.49
• Checking voicemail (ISU-Voicemail) 0.99
• Other satellite phones (Thuraya, Inmarsat) & premium numbers 12.99
• Free Testing Number (+1-480-752-5105) FREE
• Direct inbound calls
   (calling party pays their operator's rates of calling to Iridium)
• Inbound calls via +1 Access & Iridium Two-Stage dialing
   (calling party pays their operator's rates of calling US numbers)
• Outbound text messages SMS (up to 160 characters), $/ea 0.49 0.39 FREE
• Inbound text messages FREE

Optional Services:

Unlimited ISU-ISU add-on provides for unlimited calling between Iridium handsets throughout the network's global coverage. This option can be invaluable for groups of Iridium subscribers who can now communicate freely with each other for a flat monthly fee.

+1 Access add-on allows to associate your Iridium phone number with a virtual US telephone number, so your family, colleagues, friends could call you without incurring extremely high charges for calling your satellite phone. More information (PDF)


  • Monthly Allowance outbound minutes are limited to the following types: ISU-PSTN, ISU-ISU, ISU-Voicemail
  • Identity and credit check may be required before activating the service.
  • Subject to Service Agreement. Security deposit may be required upon credit check.
  • A minimum one-year contract duration is required, subject to early termination fee.
  • All prices are in USD, not including taxes
  • Billing increment: 20 seconds