Iridium Satellite Phones, Airtime & Solutions

Iridium Extreme and Iridium 9555 satellite phones

Iridium provides the only truly global satellite phone and data service with gap-free, pole-to-pole coverage over the entire globe. Iridium's constellation of 66 satellites provides critical voice and data services for regions not served by other communication networks.

Sattrans USA, a long-time Iridium reseller, offers the entire range of Iridium products and service plans, as well as post-sale support.


  • Works everywhere, pole-to-pole coverage
  • Voice telephony service
  • Text messaging, Internet, data, email
  • GPS tracking & emergency notification
  • FREE incoming calls & messages
  • Regional Plans: Canada & Alaska, Africa, South America

Iridium's voice and data telecommunications services are delivered via compact Iridium Extreme, 9555 or GO! satellite terminals, Certus high-speed data terminals, and other devices, built to provide reliable service and withstand harsh environments.