Iridium Mail & Web

Iridium Mail & Web

Iridium Mail & Web is a free application for Android and Apple iOS devices that accelerates email messaging and web browsing while connected to Iridium Wi-Fi solutions allowing you to keep in touch with work, family and friends anytime, anywhere.

Compatible with Iridium GO!, SATTRANS WiFi CommStation and Iridium AxcessPoint, the app uses compression and network-based filters to deliver global capabilities otherwise not possible with standard apps designed for cellular and broadband networks.


  • Connection Manager that starts/stops satellite connection
  • Iconized home screen for one-click navigation to access each feature
  • Mobile email client optimized for Iridium narrowband connection:
    - Sends/receives emails at up to 15x faster than webmail for standard email
    - Viewing of emails offline
    - Composition of emails offline and send in batches when connected to Iridium network
    - Retrieving emails from other accounts
    - SMS message of new emails to Iridium handset
    - Attachment filtering to let users preview headers and save large files on server for later viewing
    - Mid-file restart of download if connection is lost
  • Accelerated mobile web browsing:
    - Downloads web pages three to five times faster than uncompressed pages
    - Compresses images
    - Blocks pop-ups, removes ads and background images
  • Optimized posting to Twitter and Facebook via Iridium
  • Includes PredictWind Basic weather service at no extra cost.
  • Supported platforms:
    - Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch: iOS 6.1 or newer
    - Android smartphones, tablets: Android OS 2.3 or newer
  • Supported satellite networks: Iridium only!

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How to activate Iridium Mail & Web:

After you activate your Iridium satellite account, visit the Iridium Mail & Web activation page and fill out the registration form.