Iridium Prepaid Minutes Expiry Policy

Iridium prepaid minutes that have been carried over for more than three (3) years will be expired from prepaid account balances on a daily basis as they reach their Maximum Age Limit.

Iridium Voucher Voucher Validity Time Maximum Age Limit Maximum Account Validity
Global 75-min 30 days 3 years 2 years
Global 150-min 90 days 3 years 2 years
Global 200-min
GO! 400-min
6 months 3 years 2 years
Global 500- and 1000-min
GO! 1000-min
1 year 3 years 2 years
Global 3000- and 5000-min 2 years 4 years 2 years
Northern Lights 200-min
Latin America 200-min
6 months 3 years 6 months
Africa 300-min 1 year 3 years 1 year
Emergency 300-min 1 year N/A 1 year
Global 750-min 6 months N/A 6 months


  • Voucher Validity Time: a period of time by which a prepaid voucher extends the validity period of an Iridium prepaid account.
  • Maximum Age Limit: a period of time during which the minutes from a prepaid voucher can be kept on a prepaid account, rolled over and used by the customer.
  • Maximum Account Validity: a period of time from the day of voucher reload for which the validity of an Iridium prepaid account can be extended.

Who does this change affect?

This change affects all Iridium prepaid vouchers, except for Emergency 300-min and Global 750-min, which are not extendable in principle. This policy does not apply to scratch cards or OpenPort GoChat cards.

When will my minutes expire?

Iridium expires prepaid minutes that reach their Maximum Age Limit on a daily basis. Minutes will expire based on the oldest voucher purchase activity which is greater than the Maximum Age Limit (see table above).

How often will expiry be applied?

Iridium will expire minutes at the end of the day, every day with the same procedure as described above.

How will customers be informed of the balance of minutes that will expire?

Minute balances are available to customers by calling 2888 or sending an SMS to 2888 from their Iridium handset. Users will be given the balance of minutes that may expire if not used within the next six months. This message will be based on the oldest prepaid voucher purchase activity and minutes that are subject to expiry within the next six months, if applicable.

What if I havenít purchased a voucher that has minutes in the past three years and have only purchased add-time vouchers to extend the existing minutes?

Although the prepaid account will remain active for the duration of the add-time vouchers applied to that account, any unused minutes older than the maximum age limit will be expired as soon as they reach that limit.

How is the Maximum Account Validity of prepaid accounts affected?

The maximum validity time of most Iridium prepaid accounts will remain 2 year (see the table above).

Should you need more information, please contact us with your questions.