How to rent an Iridium phone

If you need an Iridium satellite phone for a short term during your trip, you may be better off renting it.

You can rent a satellite phone and other electronics from our rental partner Rentcell, Inc.. This phone rental outfit was featured in The Wall Street Journal (April 2009) and rated as one of the best options to rent portable communication equipment.

Rental Fees & Charges:
  • Iridium 9500 Phone: from $5/day
  • Iridium 9505 Phone: from $10/day
  • Outgoing global calls: from $1.25/min.
  • Free 2-day shipping (with promo code)
  • No activation fees
  • More information on

You can fill out this ORDER FORM or call Rentcell at 1-800-404-3093. Please enter SATTRANS in the Referral Code field or mention it to a Rentcell associate.