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The OneMail satellite email app by OCENS allows satellite phone users to check their Gmail email accounts via satellite terminals on Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat or Globalstar networks.

Tired of an email client for this and another for that? Dislike having one email for home or office and then losing that when you leave with your satellite phone? Unable to check your Gmail account when you leave without jumping through all those forwarding hoops? OCENS OneMail for your mobile device changes all that!

OCENS designed OneMail for those of us depending on our Gmail account to connect multiple times a day with friends, family, co-workers...basically the rest of the world. Everybody you know and you want to hear from knows that Gmail address and most of them routinely use it to touch base with you. Then for discrete periods of the year, whether for work or play, we head off into the wild blue wonder and depend on a satellite phone for connectivity. We know that the conventional approach we take daily to checking our Gmail account just doesnít work out here. Itís maybe way too slow and its always way too expensive. As a result, for all intents and purposes we may as well have stepped off the face of the planet.

Although thatís fine when we head out to remote locations so we can get away from email and texting and phone calls. But perhaps we donít want to or simply canít completely disconnect. Families with health issues at home need to be in contact. Business responsibilities that donít necessarily disappear. Remote crew, personnel or staff who work long hours and then want to connect with friends when they are off the clock. OneMail lets you live in one world while you easily, and affordably, connect with the other.

OneMail takes a very unconventional approach to checking your Gmail account through slow or expensive connections. When you use OneMail to check your Gmail, it auto-dials through your satellite link and then snaps the From, Subject and Size of the messages waiting for you on your Gmail account down to your smartphone or tablet in just seconds. Furthermore, it then auto-disconnects from your satphone so you arenít unnecessarily burning airtime while you review this summary information. Now that you are offline, scan down the OneMail list of waiting Gmail messages to see if any are of pressing or particular interest, swipe or tap on those mails to highlight them, then re-connect with OneMail. This time OneMail finds the high interest mails in your Gmail account, processes them through high-compression algorithms and pulls them quickly down to your smartphone or tablet before once again auto-disconnecting. At your leisure you can now freely review and reply to those emails before reconnecting to send replies and/or look for new mail.

OneMail accommodates attachments and small and large mail transfers. It does not delete the emails from your Gmail account if you pull one or more down to your smartphone. In so doing, it in affect creates an auto-archive of those mails while giving you the flexibility to review those mails again when you return to the wired world. OneMail is completely private. Mail transfers are compressed and encrypted.

The license fee of $30 or $120 includes respectively 30 days or one year of OneMail app usage for one Gmail account. No activation fees. You can renew your license.


OneMail is available for Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets for use with the following satellite devices and routers:

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