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SATTMail (powered by XGate) is a suite of apps and data compression services that efficiently delivers email, weather files, compression web-browsing, social media, and blogging over satellite data connections.SATTMail Satellite Phone Email & Data Services

Traditionally, satellite communication has a lot of hurdles: uncompressed email and web-browsing over a slow satellite connection means long wait times and, with that, expensive satellite airtime bills. SATTMail solves those problems as it compresses and accelerates data transfers.


  • Speeds up email, web browsing, weather and news gathering over low-band satellite phone connections.
  • Helps to save money by optimizing data transfers, thus reducing satellite airtime usage.
  • Includes PredictWind Basic weather service at no extra cost.
  • Required for many Wi-Fi solutions, such as the RedPort Optimizer, SATTRANS Thuraya Wi-Fi CommStation, etc.
  • Compatible with virtually all satellite data-capable terminals: Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat, Globalstar, MSAT, VSAT, etc.

Service Options:

Service Term
Subscription Fee
Activation Fee
30-day trial*
3 months
$59 or 0**
6 months
$59 or 0**
12 months
$59 or 0**
24 months
$59 or 0**

* The 30-day free trial offer is available only once per customer.
** Activation Fee is WAIVED with equipment purchase (Redport Optimizer, Thuraya or Iridium Wi-Fi CommStation).

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How to activate SATTMail:

  • If you have purchased SATTMail service on this page, you will receive activation instructions by email.
  • Activate SATTMail if you have an activation code or use the MAC address of your Thuraya Wi-Fi CommStation for a 30-day trial.
  • For the 30-day free trial, download the software and email us to request an activation code.