Use Thuraya satellite phones in the office

Satellite phones are great in remote areas, but they do not work indoors without a docking station and an external antenna. Due to the nature of the satellite technology, requiring a direct view of the satellite, Thuraya office stations from SATTRANS significantly improve reliability of Thuraya service indoors.

SAT-OFFICE Fixed Docking Station allows the use of Thuraya satellite phones indoors where the satellite signal is not available otherwise. Any office, home, base camp or shelter can be quickly set up with the SAT-OFFICE, ensuring that you are always connected to the world via your Thuraya phone.

Note for users in Australia: For use in Australia, Thuraya docking stations must be equipped the universal Thuraya Hemi Omni antenna, which will work throughout the entire Thuraya coverage, including Australia. Neither South nor North antennae will work in Australia.

SATTRANS docking stations are officially endorsed by the Thuraya Satellite Company.