Use Thuraya in Vehicles

Thuraya satellite phones are great in remote areas, but they may be tricky to use in vehicles where the sky view is obstructed. Due to the nature of the satellite technology, requiring a direct view of the satellite, vehicle docking stations from SATTRANS significantly improve reliability of Thuraya service for in-vehicle use.

The SAT-VDA Thuraya Hands-Free Car Kit is permanently installed in your vehicle, connects to the vehicle battery and audio system. SAT-VDA ensures uninterrupted satellite service, safety and comfort while using Thuraya satellite equipment in all types of vehicles.

The SAT-Docker Vehicle Adapter is a light version of SAT-VDA with the same high quality. It takes just minutes to set up, and you're ready to go! SAT-Docker is a very simple and reliable solution for vehicles operating in rough environments.

Note for users in Australia: For use in Australia, Thuraya docking stations must be equipped the universal Thuraya Hemi Omni antenna, which will work throughout the entire Thuraya coverage, including Australia. Neither South nor North antennae will work in Australia.

SATTRANS Thuraya vehicle docking stations have been officially endorsed by Thuraya.