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A Thuraya satellite phone can be your best communication option if you travel or work in the Middle East, Africa, Central, South and Southeast Asia. We offer the full range of Thuraya equipment, subscriptions, airtime and customer support.

Large Coverage Area. The Thuraya satellite network covers nearly one third of our planet and 2.3 billion people in Africa, the Middle East, Central, South and Southeast Asia, Australia.

IMPORTANT! Thuraya satellite service is NOT available in North & South America. Choose Iridium or Inmarsat satellite phones instead.

Not Just Voice. With Thuraya you don't have to talk all the time because it also supports data services (think email, Web browsing, ftp, etc.) and text messaging (SMS). Always-on Internet service (GmPRS) is now available on most Thuraya satellite phones!

Affordable. Satellite calls don't have to be expensive anymore. Incoming satellite calls are always FREE and outgoing calls start from just 85 cents per minute! Always-on Internet access: $3.50/MB. Rate Plans...
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Easy To Use. The Thuraya handset is very much like your cell phone, except it can reach over the skies! A phone book, various ringtones, text messaging, voice mail, color screen, missed calls -- all these and other features of cell phones can be used with Thuraya satellite phones. And with the new SatSleeve you can easily turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a Thuraya satellite device.

Not Getting Lost. Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a standard and free feature in any Thuraya phone. You can always find out your location and share it with relatives, friends, colleagues or the emergency service.

Compact Design. Weighing less than 200 grams (7 oz), some Thuraya handsets are the smallest satellite phones on the market.

Global Roaming. Thuraya users can use their dual-mode phones (Hughes, Ascom, SG-2520, XT-DUAL and XT-PRO DUAL) in buildings, shelters, vehicles, subway trains -- anywhere one of the 380+ GSM roaming cellular networks is available.