Thuraya Help & Support

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How to make a call to a Thuraya phone from the United States?

  • From your home/office phone: Dial "011" followed by the full Thuraya number starting from 88216 (e.g. 011-88216-583-00400)
  • From your cell phone: Enter "+" followed by the full Thuraya number (e.g. +8821658300400) and press the Call (green) button on your cell phone.

WARNING! Calls to satellite phone are considered international and can be very expensive (up to $10 per minute). We suggest you check the call rates with your phone service provider before making the call.

How to send a text message to a Thuraya phone?

Your cell phone service may allow you to send text messages (SMS) to a Thuraya satellite phone. Just follow the usual steps of creating a text message. The recipient's Thuraya phone number should be entered as +88216XXXXXXXX.

We suggest you check the cost of sending text message to a Thuraya satellite phone with your wireless service provider.

How to send a FREE text message to a Thuraya phone?

You can send a free SMS text message to a Thuraya phone using the following methods:
  • Visit the Thuraya Send SMS webpage and follow the instructions
  • Send a blank email message to The contents of the message (<160 symbols) should be entered in the Subject field of the email

How to setup my Thuraya phone for ThurayaMail?

Mail Settings:

Title: ThurayaMail
Your name: Enter your name
Email address:*
Server type: POP3
Incoming server:
Port: 110
User ID:*
Password: Enter your password**
Use SSL to connect: No
Check copy on server: Yes
Outgoing server:
Port: 25

Access Point settings:

Name: Thuraya GmPRS
Data bearer: gmPRS/GPRS
Access point name: any
Prompt password: no
Password: Enter your password**

Advanced settings:

Phone IP address: leave blank
Primary DNS: leave blank
Secondary DNS: leave blank
Server address: leave blank
Port number: 8080

ThurayaMail AccessPoint settings:

Connection name: ThurayaMail
Data bearer: GmPRS/GPRS
Access point name: any
Prompt password: no
Password: Enter your password**

* 88216XXXXXXXX is your full 13-digit Thuraya telephone number.
** Password can be obtained by sending a blank SMS to 1134.

How to check my Thuraya PREPAY / NOVA account balance on the web?

You can check your balance at In order to get your Web password, send a blank SMS to 1522 and you will receive it back to your Thuraya phone. Normal SMS charge will apply.

Can I block outgoing calls to certain countries or destinations?

It is not possible to block general outgoing calls. However, you can set up the numbers to which the calls will only be allowed (so called Fixed Dialing). Calls to other numbers won't be allowed. Please consult the user manual on setting up fixed dial numbers.

I still have questions!

Please check Support section at for more information or contact Thuraya directly:

From Thuraya network: 100
From other networks: +88216100100