Iridium Extreme Antenna / Power / USB adapter

Iridium Extreme Antenna / Power / USB adapter
Item# IRID-AADPT-9575
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Iridium Extreme (9575) USB / antenna / power adapter

This adapter allows to connect AC and DC chargers, a USB cable and external antennas to the Iridium Extreme satellite phone.

This adapter is supplied as a part of the Iridium Extreme standard kit. Replacement or extra units can be ordered here.

  • Compatible: Iridium Extreme (9575) only
  • Iridium P/N: H3AA1101 or H3AA1501

IMPORTANT! Note that the Antenna/Power/USB adapter should only be used if you are planning to connect an external antenna to your Extreme Phone. When this adapter is connected, use of your phone’s built-in antenna will temporarily be suspended.